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                    MY NAME IS JOSE' BETH SMOLENSKY

For the first 50 years of my life, music has been my major endeavor.  
I graduated, with the world's best training in music, from
THE JUILLIARD SCHOOL OF MUSIC with a diplomate in violin performance. That
training has provided me with much adventure
and the beauty of music, as a performer, teacher and conductor.  
In addition to Juilliard, I have a masters and a doctorate in education
to provide me with  good credentials.

In time past,  I have been honored to play with orchestras accompanying  Liberace,
Judy Garland and Debbie Reynolds in Miami hotel shows.  Years of teaching, both in
public schools and with private students and playing in many orchestras throughout
the United States has kept me happy and busy.

This second 50 years of my life brings me to yet more adventure and beauty.  And  
that is working  full time in sculpting wood and with other art mediums.

I am happily pursuing this part of my life's dream here in the city of  Hillsboro in the
beautiful state of  Oregon.

To add to my work in art,  I have  written a short biography of my 86 years of life.
which is now a published book and can be ordered from:

POWELLS.COM; also at ARCADE BOOK EXCHANGE,136 SE 3rd, Hillsboro, OR.

The cover is seen here below.  Thank you for your interest.   If you would enjoy a
signed copy, contact me at
First 50 Years of Life
in Music
email Jose' at
The Second 50 years in ART
Tools for my Woodworking